What We Do

Qualified Elevator Inspection (QEI) Services

Florida Elevator Inspections LLC is a complete elevator inspection services company, providing professional services for vertical transportation including but not limited to safety, code compliance and plan approvals for new installations, modernization project and code elevator inspections as well as Category Test Witnessing for conveyances for, but not limited to, elevators, escalators, wheelchair lifts, freight, dumbwaiters, material lifts, dock lifts.

New Construction

We provide critical evaluations and comparisons of equipment manufacturers’ processes, allowing you to make an informed decision and choose the manufacturer that best fits your specific requirements and budget. We supply you with the design and development services you need, as well as the specifications and project management essential to take the project from its origin through to completion, with the right maintenance specifications to protect your investment.

Design Engineering

Florida Elevator Inspections LLC’s skilled team offers in-house design services for customers who are starting from the drawing board. Our team provides expert guidance in selecting cab panel configurations and finishes based on aesthetic desires, durability, code-requirements and budget. Our engineers then turn those ideas into executable plans for fabrication.


Our team will survey the job site to collect detailed information in regards to the existing equipment, check all machine rooms and hoistways, measure various performance times, and note any maintenance items we deem insufficient. We will provide you with a list of action items and budget estimates to begin planning your elevator modernization.

Permit Expediting

We offer a full line of filing services for all phases of elevator work, such as minor alterations, amendment filing, modernizations and new installations. We will perform a full building elevator plot plan required to file permits and can expedite forms and violation copies. In addition we’ll search for and dismiss all elevator violations.

Feasibility Studies

As you evaluate your needs, it is important to understand how a particular elevator or escalator system will impact travel in your building. We offer both short-term and long-term feasibility studies to help you complete the evaluation process and ultimate minimize risk for building owners and visitors alike.


Florida Elevator Inspections LLC will help you achieve your project goals by providing expertise and superior modernization techniques. With attention to every detail, we help you consider aesthetics, cost effectiveness and serviceability. We provide complete product lines to choose from and coordinate planning to assure a successful project.

Traffic Analysis

An elevator traffic study or vertical transportation study are typically performed to determine the anticipated elevator interval the average wait time and handling capacity that a proposed elevator schema or vertical transportation schema will yield. When an elevator traffic analysis is completed there are numerous variables that should be analyzed.

Test Witnessing

Our evaluation and elevator expert witness services include a full evaluation of situation, as applicable. Florida Elevator Inspections works with your team following industry best practices and professionalism. Each situation is different, and the value of a true elevator expert witness is to bring a depth of knowledge and experience that can evaluate the facts.